Open Texas checklist for cosmetology salons

UPDATED 11/15/2020

  Please  review before making or coming in for an appointment

Booking appointments:

NO WALK INS at this time.

Only your stylist/manicurist has access to his/her own calendar, therefore appointments should be made and/or canceled directly through them. 

Call your stylist/manicurist for all your questions on  pricing, scheduling and availability.

Before your appointment:

Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling ill, have a fever, suspect you may have been exposed to the virus or are waiting for test results.Bring a mask as it is mandatory for you to wear one the entirety of your visit, as will we.  If you are getting haircolor done, we recommend you have a disposable mask. 

We cannot allow extra guests, extra baggage or outside food.  Drinks can be brought in, provided they are covered with a lid.

Upon arrival:

We will maintain our front door closed.  You will need to call or text your stylist/manicurist to let them know you are waiting outside so they can come get you.

You will enter through the side hallway door, where we will drop you off at the restroom to change and wash+sanitize your hands before entering the salon.

When you enter the salon, please keep all your belongings with you.  We ask you don’t let them sit anywhere that is not your stylists’/manicurist’s station.

During your visit:

MASKS SHOULD BE WORN AT ALL TIMES during your visit. (Over both nose and mouth)

We ask that you please stay at the chair where your service is being rendered.  If you need a break from your mask we ask that you step outside to take it off and rewash your hands before entering.  
NO eating inside.

Please do not touch retail products.  If you have any questions about retail, ask your stylists and they will be happy to bring you the product you wish to purchase.

You will be cashed out at your chair and walked out the back hallway where you can again change and leave your smock in a hamper in the hallway on the way out.


We thank you so much for your visit and allowing us to get back to what we love. 

Protocols and availabilties may be adjusted with the guidance from our state and local leaders.



For more information on state guidelines click on the link below

Please read below for COVID protocols